International Workshop for lawyers

SeLeV Consulting Group (Bulgaria) and Human Rights Embassy (Moldova) conduct international workshop “Protection of Property Rights and Investments” for lawyers, both members of the bar associations and in-house lawyers.

The Workshop will cover but will not be limited to the following subjects:

  1. Development of a legal position in the case by the lawyer / attorney, considering the relevant international judicial and quasi-judicial bodies’ recent case law
  2. Drafting of written documents (structure and content of documents providing arguments for the legal position, and specifics in the development of lawyers’ written skills)
  3. Development of influencing skills for the litigation process (specifics of the defense party / lawyers’ behavior, prompt reaction to the arguments of the parties, as well as to the questions from the court)
  4. Considering and overcoming of communication barriers in the litigation process
  5. Moot Court (with detailed professional analysis and recommendations from the experts)


Working language of the Workshop is Russian.

Information on registration and participation fee:

To participate in the upcoming International Workshop “Protection of Property Rights and Investments” interested candidates should register by filling in the QUESTIONNAIRE.

More detailed information on the Workshop and Invited experts, detailed Program, as well as other information on terms of registration and participation fee is available in Russian.

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